LUCK (con_luck_lst001) is a token on RocketSwap exchange that is built on the Lamden Blockchain.

Total Supply: 1,000,000 Tokens

Dev Funds: 50,000 Tokens (5% of supply for marketing, hosting fees and other operating costs)

Price: 1.68 TAU

Circulating Supply: 309,442

Uncirculated Supply: 640,558

Market Cap: 521,398 TAU

Token LP Reverses: 154,749 TAU / 91,841 LUCK

Holding 500 TAU of LUCK allows access to the basic features of the Lamden Account App

Holding 150 LUCK LP allows access to the advanced features of the Lamden Account App

The team is still determining the best action to take with the uncirculated supply.

Either the team will burn the uncirculated tokens, create a LP farm to distribute them or a combination of the two.

Originally, the LP farm was considered to distribute all the remaining supply as it would help increase liquidity. However, with the LP hold required to access the more advanced tools, LUCK has built around 200K TAU of liquidity. The team is concerned that the distributing all the remaining supply through a farm would create a selling pressure after the initial pump and would not be good for the long term holders.


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