The linked wallet must hold at least 250 TAU worth of LUCK to check the balance. At the current rate of 0.0000 TAU/LUCK that is Infinity LUCK.

Add addition wallets for just the transaction fee (less than 0.06 TAU) to authorize the linked wallet to view it.

No fees low risk. If you are not happy with the product sell off your LUCK and get your TAU back!

Get LUCK on RocketSwap

Sample View

Features enabled for holding just 250 TAU worth of LUCK:

   - View full wallet worth inlcuding LP value and farm values in TAU and USD
   - View token balances with their value in TAU and USD
   - View LP balances with their value in TAU and USD
   - View monthly Rocketswap Farm yields and yield pecentage
   - Balances include amounts locked in Nebula Vaults and Underground Warroirs City Bank
   - Charts that show token prices and LP over time, hightlighting your trades and LP events

Advanced featured enabled for holding 80 LUCK LP ( HOW TO GET LUCK LP):

   - View LP History on Chart and LP Transactions
   - View your yield rates on yield farming in emitted token, TAU and USD
   - View % returns on ALL active Farm pools to optimize where to allocate your TAU
   - Full Trade History with analysis if the trade was profilable vs current price
   - Filtering trade history for token
   - Export trade history
   - More to come!